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An Overview of Sex Crimes

An Overview of Sex Crimes

What is a Sex Crime?
Sex crimes are classified as criminal acts, involving the immoral, illegal, illicit and unethical practice of sexual acts or engagements in sexual behavior. The classification of sex crimes–due to the expansive nature of the legal framework–varies on a locational basis. In general, the classification of sex crimes is contingent on the nature of the crime in question.

What is the Age of Consent?
The Age of Consent refers to a legal classification that establishes the legal age for which a person can legally consent to sexual relations. Age of consent correlates the age of a person with the responsibility to engage in sexual or personal activities. Age of consent will differ from region to region throughout the world.
Types of Sex Crimes

Sexual Assault
Sexual Assault is similar to the criminal act of assault, yet a sexual assault offense is a type of overarching classification of a sex crime due to the inclusion of illicit, indecent, and illegal sexual activity taking place
Rape is defined as forced and illegal sexual intercourse resulting from the absence of consent between the parties involved; the following varieties of rape charges exist within the realm of sex crimes:
·(date). Incidents of date rape occur between individuals who are acquainted with one another
·; in this scenario the group commits a simultaneous rape with joint-participation
Illegal Pornography
The facilitation, ownership, disbursement, and creation of pornography is defined as illegal depicts actions presumed to be overtly unlawful and unethical in sexual nature. Illegal pornography is considered to be a media-based sex crime that can be defined as unconstitutional and illicit sexually-explicit material utilized and undertaken in order to provide sexual gratification:
· Pornography that depicts minors, children, or individuals below the age(s) of 18
· Pornography that depicts sexual acts involving animals
· Pornography that depicts violence and injury

Sex crimes non-consensual and sexual in nature taking place in an illicit, intrusive, and illegal fashion involving the invasion of another individual’s privacy – in addition to the encroachment on the personal space belonging to another individual – are classified as voyeuristic sex crimes:
· Indecent Exposure is the act of disclosing or brandishing any visible stimuli that is considered to be elicit, unlawful, lewd, or objectionable in nature taking place within a public domain
· Sexual Harassment is classified as the welcomed, lewd, and illicit sexual advances through speech or expression; this nature of activity typically takes place on a non-consensual basis