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Molestation Statistics You Must Know

Molestation Statistics You Must Know

At first glance, child molestation statistics can be eye-opening and surprising. Child molestation statistics prove that more underage girls are subject to sexual abuse than boys. The number almost doubles for girls in comparison with boys. The majority of all molestation cases are committed against those under the age of eighteen, and many molestation cases are never finished. This is because children are often terrified of the situation and do not wish to pursue a molestation charge.
Child molestation statistics show that half of all sexual abuse cases occur between familiar parties. Abusers usually know the children they are molesting, and have a relationship with them that often appears credible. This fact is why it is hard to detect molestations. 
Child molestation also occurs within religious realms. Many cases in recent history have occurred within the Catholic church, where molestation has been ignored or under reported in the past. These credible relationships can be those within a family, or educational setting. Additionally, the abuser can be a family friend. When a person is trusted, they become the last person anyone suspects to commit such a horrible crime.
Child molestation statistics state that the average age in which child molestation occurs is nine years. Most children of this age will not admit when they have been victims of sexual abuse. However, children are not known to cry wolf either. The majority of sexual abuse cases that are reported are truthful in nature. Adults have been known to be fraudulent in reporting sexual molestation and abuse. 
Child molestation statistics support the notion that eating disorders, depression, headaches, and other physical problems stem from sexual abuse. Most children need therapy or counseling of some sort after going through such situations. Therapy can be the key to avoiding drug problems, and behavioral issues among minors. 
Child molesters usually molest more than one child in a lifetime. Serial molesters do exist and can have hundreds of victims. Statistics are used to help enforcement and families design new ways to prevent sexual abuse. Additionally, they make people aware of the risk that exists for their children to be harmed. Families aware of the staggering statistics may choose to better prepare their children for potential abuse situations.



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