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What is Prostitution?

Prostitution is defined as a criminal act that includes thetrade, barter, or exchange of sexual acts with the hopes of the receipt of economic gain or opportunity. The sexual acts expressed within legislation addressing the act of Prostitution can include copulation, stimulation, copulation, or intercourse. The notion of ‘gain’ expressed in the definition of Prostitutionmay vary in its classification, due to the fact that the implicit nature of any ‘gain’ will itself varywith regard to personal circumstance case-by-case basis. While the nature of products or services exchanged within the activity of Prostitution will vary, the qualification of Prostitution is contingent in a commercial exchange for sexual favor(s).

Types of Prostitution

Akin to the varied definition of ‘gain’, the varied methodology and facilitation exists within the classification of Prostitution; the following are common forms of Prostitution:
Human trafficking is defined as illegal transport of human beings with the expressed intent of engaging and arranging forced sexual activityin the form of Prostitution; this type of Prostitution can involve victims ranging from adults to children
Brothels are commercially-based criminal operations in which the clandestine facilitation of Prostitution occurs within a structured and organized commercialized endeavor
Child Prostitution is a type of Prostitution that involves individuals classified minors within the legal spectrum; these individuals are considered to be below the age of consent to engage sexual activity; Prostitution through the facilitation of children is considered to be one of the foremost egregious crimes that an individual can commit – a child Prostitution can exist in tandem with child abuse, child molestation, and the endangerment of a child’s welfare
Legal Terminology Associated with Prostitution

The following legal terminology is commonly associated upon the mention ofProstitution:
Within the scope of a Prostitution charge, Solicitation is defined as the interpersonal criminal act involvinga solicitorwho presents an opportunity or prospect to another individual – or individuals. Within the expressed solicitation of Prostitution, Prostitution can be defined as the intention proposition to participate in sexual activity resulting in the illegal and unlawful exchange of goods, services, or monies; Due to the fact that prostitution is rooted in Solicitation, an individual can be charged with prostitution regardless of participation in any actual sexual activity


Entrapment is the criminal act of soliciting the participation of an individualwithin the prospect of criminal activity in order to incriminate them upon agreement rather than indict them for a charge relating to the actual criminal activity in question. Within the scope of Prostitution, the actual solicitation must present itself in a manner that presents the notion that an individual acted on their own behalf in lieu of a manufactured circumstance
What Dangers are Latent within Prostitution?

Since Prostitution is deeply-rooted and facilitated within sexual activity, it is considered to be contributory to a variety of negative outcomes that include the spreading of disease, physical harm, and accidental – and unplanned – pregnancy. Due to the fact Prostitution is a crime, the methods of personal protection undertaken by prostitutes is typically illegal in its construct, as well; prostitutes are oftentimes exploited by those patronizing their services, as well as threatened by individuals colloquially known as ‘pimps’, who demand illicit fees for spurious protection provided.