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5 Questions Answered About Child Trafficking

5 Questions Answered About Child Trafficking

What is Child Trafficking?
Child Trafficking is a type of kidnapping that involves the unwilling abduction of children with the intention of conducting the illegal sale – and exploitation – of the kidnapped children; Child Trafficking can result in human slavery, child prostitution, or other additional avenues of human exploitation. While human trafficking is considered to be catchall term with regard to this criminal activity, Trafficking statistics state that over 50% of the victims of Human Trafficking are children. 
What are Some Important Child Trafficking Statistics?

Child Trafficking does not result merely in forced labor or slavery; in certain cases, children victimized by Child Trafficking are subjected to sexual slavery and exploitation occurring within a variety of countries and nations:
50% of victims of human trafficking are listed as children; this statistic illustrates that maintain that upwards of 1 million children are subjected to sexual slavery and exploitation
Child Trafficking is considered to be an ongoing and growing predicament; Child Trafficking statistics show that Child Trafficking has been recorded to render upwards of $30 billion on an annual basis – in addition, international Child Trafficking has been listed as affecting almost 200 countries and nations worldwide
Within these nations listed as being affected by Child Trafficking, Child Trafficking statistics released have recorded upwards of 15,000 human being trafficked into the United States for both sexual slavery, as well as forced servitude
The victims of Child Trafficking are considered to range in both gender and ages; while forced prostitution and exploitation continue to affect millions of individuals, females are reported to comprise upwards of 80% of the victims of subjected to child trafficking
Child victims of Child Trafficking have been reported as comprising upwards of 20% of the victims of child prostitution – this figure is considered to amount to upwards of 2 million children victims

What is the Difference Between Kidnapping and Abduction?

Although situations within the criminal activity of Child Trafficking exist where the terms ‘kidnapping’ and ‘abduction’ may be used interchangeably, the associated charge within child trafficking offenses is primarily kidnapping. The distinction between the terms is the presence of willingness expressed by the victim; however this is not applicable to Child Trafficking offenses due to the fact that the act of the removal of children – who are not classified as able to provide for such expressed legal consent – is a crime. 
Does Modern Day Slavery Occur?
Unfortunately, forced human enslavement – both through threat or exploitation – still occurs in modernity; the devastation that Child Trafficking and forced slavery fosters is considered to be the ultimate violation of human agency and freedoms. Child Trafficking is not only considered to be in direct violation of a child’s rights, but also serves to result in a multitude of both long-term and short-term trauma and devastation suffered by child victims. Child Prostitution is defined as an activity that entails individuals engaging in sexual activity with a minor; as a result of children’s rights, any type of sexual activity involving a minor is considered to be inappropriate, criminal, and unethical. 

How Can I Report Child Trafficking?

In the event that you have been made aware of a child trafficking offense, you are encouraged to contact the National Child Trafficking Resource Center immediately by contacting them via telephone: (888) 373-7888.