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4 Questions Answered About Child Prostitution

4 Questions Answered About Child Prostitution

What is Child Prostitution?
Child Prostitution is an illicit, illegal, and unethical criminal activity that entails the forced engagement of children or minors in sexual activity for economic gain. Prostitution undertaken by individuals legally classified as adults is also considered to be a crime within locations not permitting that practice; prostitution is considered to be dually-illegal resulting from both a prostitution charge, as well as solicitation charge:
However, the egregious nature of Child Prostitution not only encompasses the illegality of prostitution, which includes the inherent dangers and risks, but Child Prostitution offenses involve the exploitation and manipulation of children – these types of offenses place children in damaging situations on both physical and emotional levels
Furthermore, the repercussions of Child Prostitution far surpass the immediate dangers resulting from this heinous crime; oftentimes, children subjected to the forced engagement in Child Prostitution will undergo a vast array of troubles and trauma later in life

What Some Facts About Child Prostitution?

Although the unethical nature and latent illegality is inherent within acts of Child Prostitution, the structure of the Child Prostitution industry compromises the safety and wellbeing of children in a multitude of methods. Primarily, the inclusion of children within any criminal activity is considered to be a direct violation of the rights of children; however, the wide range of criminal and illicit nature is voluminous with regard to Child Prostitution:
The average age at which children are forced to engage in Child Prostitution is 13 years of age; although both males and females are subject to Child Prostitution, females are the primary victims of this crime
The connection between child abuse and Child Prostitution is observable; upwards of 60% of victims of Child Prostitution have been reported as victims of incest – upwards of 80% of victims of child abuse have reported being abused 
In addition to the deplorable actions suffered upon them, child victims of Child Prostitution have reported to be shown pornography by their captors – the engagement in the viewing of pornography has been reported to take place upwards of 30% in every individual circumstance
What is Considered to be the Most Damaging Aspect of Child Prostitution?
Although the institution of Child Prostitution is considered to be one of the most grievous and heinous, the afflictions and trauma undergone by child prostitutes is oftentimes unimaginable despite reports and portrayals of the evils of this industry; the following facts illustrate the true evil and devastation inherent within this criminal institution:
Upwards of 90% of children subjected to Child Prostitution have reported to be victims of rape; these reports have indicated both clients and facilitators of an individual Child Prostitution operation as perpetrators
The mortality rate within the Child Prostitution industry is considered to be almost 50% higher than the median average of mortality with regard to children; in addition to the 75% of child prostitutes who have reported being victims of physical abuse, Child Prostitution suicide rates reach almost 20% with regard to the median mortality
How Can I Report a Child Prostitution Offense?
In the event that you have been made aware of Child Prostitution taking place, you are encouraged to contact the National Human Trafficking Resource Center immediately; you can do so by contacting them via telephone: (888) 373-7888.