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Sentencing and Punishment of Molestation

Sentencing and Punishment of Molestation

The consequences for committing a sex crime are very serious. Many sex crimes are treated at the state level. However, those tired on a federal level must follow federal laws. The laws are broken down into specific situations. An abuser will be charged according to which offense was committed.  
         Incest is considered a form of molestation. Abusers that commit incest can receive the maximum of eight years in prison. When an abuser is unsuccessful in committing this crime they may still face prison time lasting a maximum of two years. 
         A sex crime regarding the molestation of children ages 0-10 years old can result in twenty five years of imprisonment.  
         Molestation that is pressured is punishable up to fourteen years. When this same sex crime is committed on a minor between the years of 0-10 the prison time can amount to a maximum of twenty years.  
         Abusers that commit molestation in which a victim is not touched but still violated, they may face a maximum sentence of up to eighteen years in jail. This includes nudity, inappropriate actions, and alike. This type of offense also carries stipulations based on age. If the victim is in the age range of 0-16, the consequences are surprisingly lower. If the offense is violent however, the consequences are higher.  
         In the case of a sex crime in which a victim is threatened and sexual intercourse was attempted against them, the consequences can result in a lifetime prison sentence.  
         When abusers are repeat offenders the consequences are a lot harsher. Often when a sex crime has occurred more than once the consequences are lifetime prison sentences. Many times this happens because the culprits are given the chance to integrate into society.
Abusers are often placed in jail to protect the community and hopefully rehabilitate the criminals. Unfortunately, there are repeat offenders who commit these sex crimes more than once. While in jail, those guilty of a sex crime may have to participate in therapy or counseling to help them with their issue. When they are released from prison, a condition of their release may be that they have to attend additional sessions. Therapy is used as a mechanism to prevent crimes like molestation from reoccurring. Additionally, they may still be forced to register as an abuser in their community. This stipulation depends on the state or locale as well. Punishment for sex crimes, although circumstantial, often work to assure justice for the victims. 



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